Antoine Ripoll




"Les Finates de l´amour"


  • 200 cm x 130 cm




"Space Invaders"


  • 130 cm x 95 cm




"Test le Gendarme et les Voleurs"


  • 115 cm x 90 cm




"The Good and Bad"


  • 150 cm x 115 cm




"Our Planet Earth"


  • 90 cm x 115 cm




"Emiliano Zapata"


  • 95 cm x 130 cm




"Live in Black and White"


  • 100 cm x 81 cm





"Fantasy Flight"


• 100 cm x 81 cm





"On My Route"


• 100 cm x 81 cm





"Space Gun"


• 116 cm x 89 cm





"Blue Dog Man"


  • 57 cm x 50 cm x 27 cm
  • Unique Piece














      "Happy Cruise"


  •  59 cm x 36 cm x 18 cm

Antoine Ripoll


Born April 30th 1964 in Sainte Adresse, France - Lives and works in Mallorca, Balearic islands, Spain


It all starts in 1994 in New York City where I get to meet artist painter David Mc Dermott.

I find myself very much attracted and inspired by this brand new art scene opening up to 

me. Back in France, I start making lamps with iron and resin.

I take a turn in 1999 and devote myself to sculpture first, and then painting from 2002.

My paintings and sculptures are done in flat tints of bright-colored acrylic paint, pop-art


My work goes beyond the scope of esthetic considerations, and it is important for me to 

get messages across,such as love , politics, consumerism, nature, history, humor …..

Vincent Van Gogh, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Robert Combas, Joan Mirò, Salvador

Dali are artists that have influenced me greatly.


2010 to 2015 - Private sales ( sculptures and paintings)  Spain, France, USA


2009 - Galeria Fran Reus, Palma de Mallorca, Spain


2005 to 2008 - Galerie LC, 75008 Paris, France

- Galerie Géraldine Zberro, 75008 Paris, France 

- Sales of sculptures, private Collection, New York City


2004 - Exposition collective „Annéede la Chine“, Galerie Serge Laurent, 75008 Paris, France

 - Sales of sculptures, private Cllection, Brussels, Belgium


2003 - Galerie Serge Laurent, 75008 Paris, France

- Sales of sculptures and paintings, private Collection, Spain,


1997 to 2002 - Opera  Gallery Takashimaya Center, Singapore

- Galerie Claude André, Brussels, Begium

 - Outdoor exhibition „Oeuvres Monumentales Hollandaises et Francaises, in partnership with the town of Le Havre, France, and Art Mab foundation,Holland                       

- Exposition collective „ La Route des Artistes“, Gare du Havre, France

- 2000m2 mural paintings, usine „ Diffusion Plus“, Gaillon Les Andelys,France


1995 - Exposition „salon International du Luminaire“, Porte de St Cloud, Paris, France